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Can antiques be green? With Earth Day taking place on April 22nd our thoughts turn to the environment and how we as individuals can do our bit.
Earth Day will celebrate its 49th birthday this year and the movement towards being environmentally aware grows stronger each year.

It is a startling fact that we have become a throw away culture with plastic polluting our oceans and landfill sites filling faster than ever before. Consumables are low quality, cheap and not made to last. This in turn results in a continuous cycle of manufacturing, and disposal, enforcing the need for landfill sites and creating waste.

This year’s Earth Day will focus on mobilising the world to protect our species and to end plastic pollution. But there are many ways we can help to reduce waste of all kinds. We all have choices to make every day and these choices matter.


Consider the furniture you select for your home. A report by Carbon Clear, an independent consultancy, confirms that antique furniture is likely to have a carbon footprint sixteen times lower than newly manufactured furniture. The report focuses on the entire product’s life cycle from sourcing, manufacturing, transport and disposal.

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Antiques, on the other hand were made to last a lifetime and beyond and have already stood the test of time. Buying an antique is recycling at its best, a beautiful addition to your home and a positive environmental choice.

So, can antiques be green? Of course there is a lot more to do but thinking about the sustainability of your furniture and examining your choices is a very good start for all of us.

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