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Ebony inlaid Satinwood Box

Late 19th century

An antique ebony inlaid satinwood box. The top, made of satinwood has a central panel framed with ebony lines, a star decoration at centre and decoration in the corners, all inlaid ebony wood and ivory. All four corners of the top have a lotus decoration inlaid with ebony and ivory dots.
The box has a fitted compartmentalized interior and a lift out tray at the back. The interior of the hinged lid is fitted with splats allowing for paper storage.

Satinwood is native to Southern Indian and Sri Lanka (Ceylon) and has an illuminating, shimmery yellow/gold appearance.

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This box has been sold. Please keep checking our website as we may add a similar piece.



Coromandel coast
British Colonial India
H: 19 cm W: 46 cm D: 29 cm
H: 7 ½” W: 18” D: 11 ½”

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