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British Colonial Rosewood Dressing Box

Late 19th century

SGD 2,950

A beautiful antique British colonial dressing box in rosewood with a brass ornament on the lid. The exterior reinforced with brass banding on the edges, both for decoration and protection. The box opens to a fitted interior with a mirror hinged on the interior lid. The interior is divided into small compartments and a detachable tray above more storage space. Several trick openings reveal secret compartments to hide the personal.

The portable personal dressing box was popular from the end of the eighteen century to the third quarter of the nineteenth century. The increased mobility for social reasons which gathered momentum as the century progressed, made this personal accessory indispensable.

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British colonial India
H: 16 cm W: 28 cm D: 33 cm
H: 6.5” W: 11” D: 13”


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