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Pair of Anglo-Indian Satinwood Benches – SOLD

Late 19th century

A pair of British colonial rectangular benches with an overlapping top made of one solid piece of rosewood with a beautiful grain. The frame and legs are made of satinwood and are finely turned, ending in a peg foot connected with a double box stretcher.

The benches are in good condition and has been lovingly restored and finished to its former glory using a traditional form of French polishing and waxing. The rosewood has a dark shade with a striking grain. The Satinwood is close-grained, hard, and light yellow to golden brown in color with a lustrous satin-like quality.

Click to read more about the different types of tropical hardwood here.


South India
British colonial India
H: 55 cm W: 207 cm D: 56 cm
H: 21” W: 81½” D: 22½”


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