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Walnut Hand Carved Four Panel Screen

Gorgeous hand carved screen room divider made of four walnut wood panels of 50 cm or 20 inch each. Each panel is beautifully designed with very nice floral carving throughout. The panels are joined with hinges.

Kashmir is known for its beautiful wood craft, so called Jali Work in Walnut wood.

Jali is a Hindi word which means ‘net’. It is latticed screen, or ornamental openwork, done in wood, stone or metal. The Kashmiris use their jali work in many different ways, all with marvelous effect. They use it in wall panels, gates, staircase railings, door panels, in window decoration and in garden lamps. At night, the light glittering out of the jali looks beautiful!

This room divider has been sold. Please keep checking our website as we may add a similar piece.


Kashmir, India

H: 187 cm W: 200 cm D: 5 cm
H: 73 ½” W: 79” D: 2”


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