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About Our Collection!

Unique pieces of history
By definition antique furniture is more than 100 years old, which of course already makes it very special. Furthermore they are unique pieces of history that could probably tell amazing stories.

Our collection includes period-style furniture from the British, Dutch and Portuguese era in India. Every piece bears testimony to the regional styles that existed in India during the colonial times. From the romantic Indo-Portuguese style, the clean lines of the Dutch colonial furniture to the more formal yet flowing designs of the Anglo-Indian pieces.

A class of its own
Our furniture was made of the finest hardwoods such as rosewood, mahogany, ebony, teakwood and satinwood. They are sometimes boldly carved or feature intricate inlay work. It is the high quality of the materials used, the handwork and the attention to detail which brings this furniture into a class of its own altogether.

For classical and contemporary homes
Antique furniture will add that special touch to your interior and it can blend well with any modern contemporary interior where one or the other is featured as a highlight. View ‘Antiques at home’ on our site to get some ideas.

The Past Perfect Collection

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