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Modern Art & Antiques - Opposites Attract 1 l The Past Perfect Collection l Singapore


Antiques and Modern Art. It’s all in the mix!

Adding a bold, modern or contemporary artwork to a room full of traditional, antique furniture makes for a chic statement. It transforms the ordinary into the sublime and creates a space which is uniquely personal and exciting.

While antiques undoubtedly pay homage to the past, displaying them in a more modern way can breathe new life into them and your home alike.

Modern Art & Antiques - Opposites Attract l The Past Perfect Collection l Singapore

Credit: Roberto Migotto, Interior Designer


Eclecticism, the sophisticated mixing of styles and periods, is now firmly established in the interior design world giving rise to a fun and individual way of styling your home. Gone are the days where antique furniture was styled with other items from the same era, the juxtaposition of the old and new works remarkably well and is aesthetically pleasing.

"Curating antiques within an interior gives the space a narrative," said Georgina Wood, design director of London-based Taylor Howes. "There is something around the poetry they add when juxtaposed against a modern canvas; you often find that when removed from a traditional surrounding, the character of a piece stands out more and has more impact."

Adding a bold modern piece of art along with antique furniture will create a different atmosphere and a fresh modern look. For example, an antique console table combined with modern art or an antique desk alongside colourful abstract art is a great way to spice up any room.

Credit: Per Jansson and Wiseman-and-Gale


A daring and exciting mix creates a fantastic ambiance. It keeps everything interesting, modern and fun. Mixing is never boring and can be a little daring or unexpected.

When selecting your pieces and accessories the most important thing is to stick with what feels right and looks good to you. It really is up to the individual but here are a couple of points you may want to take into consideration when pairing antiques and Modern Art.

  • Beautiful matches between contemporary and antique can be found in the contrast between materials. For example, you could mix textures – rough and smooth; like polished wood placed on a solid concrete floor. Or surfaces - hard with soft. Or shapes – square and round.
  • Use colour and tone to tie the look together – a mix of warm colours such as red or orange will bring out the natural warmth of the antique wood and create a good balance.
  • Conversely a stark contrast in colour can also work to dramatic effect; like dark ebony against a dazzling white wall.
Antiques and Modern Art - The Past Perfect Collection

Credit: Antonio Mora


With this trend showing no signs of abating, it just goes to show that antiques can be hip. Appealing to a new audience. The younger generation are embracing the idea of owning antiques and creating their interiors with a sense of expressing their individuality and personality.

Mixing different styles is a wonderful way to showcase your individuality, adding a bit of excitement and an element of the unexpected. Mixing antiques and Modern Art is one way to create a unique look.

It is amazing how much character, charm and style antiques can bring to any interior and mixing styles–the old and the new-gives an energizing, fresh feeling to an interior.

Credit: anewwalldecor


A twist to this trend is to try adding an antique to a modern space. “This will allow them to stand out much more and will break the monotony of an all-one look or period room," said Benoist F. Drut, owner of Maison Gerard gallery in New York City.

You could try to place one antique chair in a modern living room setting. It can take the feeling of that room to a whole different level. Or try placing a traditional painting on the wall of an ultra-modern bathroom. The result is unexpected and playful, a reflection of your own style.

Antiques bring with them evidence of the past, they make something new have a little more soul. The possibilities really are endless, and you know what they say – opposites attract!

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