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The Singapore art scene is thriving. The Lion City has been a muse to many artists over the years and Marijke Böhm, a photographic artist originally from The Netherlands, takes a lot of her inspiration from The Little Red Dot.
Using a combination of photography, digital painting and real painting, she plans each piece carefully to create multi-layered or collage artwork.

Celebrating Singapore Art - Marijke Bohm

Green House - Limited Edition by Marijke Böhm


Marijke may be best known for her memory boards featuring colourful Singapore images which she describes as 'collage style, vibrant, chaotic and surprising'.

'I have always loved making collages. I love to work with lots of images and colours and I love to combine different styles’ she says. 'Things change when you combine them, and I find that fascinating’.

Over the years, Marijke’s work has evolved and developed, and her latest series of Singapore art comes in small number limited editions. She describes them as 'very different and very diverse'.
'I love experimenting with new methods and styles and my artworks never turn out as I originally planned them to be. I love this freedom of creating' she says.

About one of her latest designs - ‘Green House’, (shown above), she explains 'I just love the abundance of greenery in Singapore. The colours and shapes keep inspiring me. I dream of living surrounded by greenery and I love to create these beautiful places that I would love to live in'.

Celebrating Singapore Art - Cross Street - Marijke Bohm

Cross Street – Limited Edition by Marijke Böhm


Another one of Marijke’s new designs is ‘Cross Street’ (shown above). This piece highlights one of Marijke’s signature styles - photographic layering. About this piece, she mentions “Chinatown is one of the most vibrant places in Singapore and one of my favourites! A paradise for the senses, I’ve tried to capture them in this piece of Singapore art. Can you picture yourself at a streetside restaurant, eating Hainanese chicken rice, lanterns blowing in the wind, taking in the sounds of people passing by and enjoying the patches of green in the hidden parks nearby?”

Celebrating Singapore Art - Sundowner Hour - Marijke Bohm

Sundowner Hour – Limited Edition by Marijke Böhm


Marijke is known for using a lot of colour in her work as colour definitely comes to mind when thinking of Singapore. ‘Sundowner Hour’ shows a row of iconic Singapore shophouses, surrounded by an abundance of palm trees and her artist impression of a sun set. The piece is all the more dramatic due to the colours chosen as well as the combination of artistic styles.

Celebrating Singapore Art - Marijke Bohm - Life is a Beach - The Past Perfect Collection

Life is a Beach  – Marijke Böhm Art                           

Celebrating Singapore Art - Marijke Bohm - My Street - The Past Perfect Collection

My Street – Marijke Böhm Art


Inspiration for her Singapore art comes from many sources. “I love working with the images that surround me” she explains. 'The nature, the concrete jungle, the colours, the smells, everything around me inspires me. Inspiration comes at unexpected moments and I always make notes in the notebooks that I carry with me'.

Another colourful piece is ‘Life is a beach’. The colours are inspired by 'a typical day on Sentosa' – blue skies and seas, green palms, the white sand. The beach theme is combined with some more traditional nods to Singapore – as shophouses and Peranakan tiles - to make this piece a truly artistic tribute to our varied city.


Marijke Böhm is a Dutch artist who lived in Singapore for 12 years with husband Paul and three children. She may be best known for her colourful Singapore collages called ‘MemoryBoards’ but she also produced a collection of limited-edition pieces, such as the popular black and white ‘Singapore Street’ and the colourful ‘Sundowner Hour’, which use a combination of photography, digital painting and real painting.


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