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Antiques for apartment living. This customer’s home is a masterclass in how antique furniture can easily work in a smaller home. Chris Chan is an interior designer and lives on the western side of Singapore, in an area known for universities and open green spaces. He is also the resident stylist at The Past Perfect Collection and loves our furniture so much he has bought several pieces for himself.

Antiques for Apartment Living-Customers' Homes - The Past Perfect Collection - Singapore.

Secretaire chest of drawers takes pride of place in the study.


Living in a smaller apartment has not restricted his home interior in any way, in fact his apartment is big on style and full of interesting antiques. “I am drawn to antique furniture because one can see how much care and consideration was taken before a piece was made. The level of patience is reflected in the details and finishing. And in those days, furniture was not mass-produced”, he says.

Antiques for Apartment Living - Customers' Homes - The Past Perfect Collection - Singapore

Multifunctional - A chest of drawers and a desk!


So, antiques for apartment living? Can it work? The answer for Chris is a resounding ‘yes’! “The idea that antique furniture is large, bulky and imposing is not always true. There are always exceptions” he explains. Take his latest purchase from The Past Perfect Collection, an adorable secretaire chest of drawers, which is smaller than the conventional size. This exceptional piece caught Chris’s eye immediately and he could see many possibilities in his home for it in terms of placement and use, as it is multifunctional as a chest of drawers and a desk. The many storage options even safely accommodate Chris’s collection of watches!

“This piece has all the bells and whistles one would expect from such a high-quality piece of furniture. It has beautiful detailed brass work on the handles and brackets as well as multiple compartments for keeping the desk space organized. It even has secret compartments hidden within it! I knew I had to have it, especially when it’s being offered at The Past Perfect Collection, one simply cannot sit too long on it” he says.


Antiques for Apartment Living -Customers' Homes -The Past Perfect Collection -Singapore

Beautifully styled with flowers and books.

Antiques for Apartment Living -Customers' Homes -The Past Perfect Collection - Singapore

Clever storage for treasured items


Chris has styled the piece beautifully and it takes pride of place in his study, adorned with artifacts, books and fresh orchids. As an interior designer he skillfully uses antiques for apartment living so we asked him to share some tips.

“Being a person who is drawn to all things beautiful, over the years I have collected quite a few pieces of antique furniture from various parts of Asia. Rather than using them as anchor pieces, as I would in a large room, I have them scattered in all the rooms hence there is a continuity and flow, which makes the property feel larger than it is. As a rule of thumb when decorating a small room, use less furniture but of good quality. Free the room from clutter and give enough space for each piece to breathe”.

Using antiques for apartment living can really make a statement in your home and add a touch of individuality. Antiques can be used in any space – big, small, modern or old.

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