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Antiques in a kid’s bedroom? Maybe you have never thought of using antique furniture in a child’s room, but Elizabeth Hay the Singapore based interior designer has and it looks fantastic.

The Past Perfect Collection has been fortunate to have Elizabeth Hay as a customer for many years and we are great admirers of her eclectic, vibrant style. Her beautiful black and white heritage home is designed and decorated in the colourful manner she is known for and features many pieces of antique furniture because they are “a great way to add depth to a room”.

Antiques in a Kid's Bedroom

Antique campaign chest of drawers in a kid's bedroom.



For her son’s bedroom she chose a particularly attractive antique campaign chest of drawers from The Past Perfect Collection. She says “I love campaign chests of drawers as they have so much character and add interest to a room.  I feel they are quite masculine so great for a boy’s bedroom or adults’ bedroom.”

We agree that using antiques in a kid’s bedroom is a great idea and this campaign chest of drawers works really well with the stunning green wallpaper, vintage pictures of race cars and fun posters of dinosaurs. Such a great bedroom for a boy!

It clearly shows how versatile antiques can be and furthermore solves the problem of what to do with nursery furniture once the child grows up. As Elizabeth points out “I don’t like to use babyish furniture as you eventually have to get rid of it. Whereas, we will have this chest of drawers forever and can use it anywhere in the house in the future. More and more I believe in the importance of buying pieces that you will have forever.”

Antique furniture stands the test of time and really will last a lifetime and longer. Using antiques in a kid’s bedroom means your child can have a beautiful piece of furniture in their lives from childhood and beyond into adulthood.

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