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This customer's home pairs a beautifully styled Dutch colonial chest with a Tanjore Painting. In an Indian management consultant’s lovely Singapore residence, the Tanjore Painting hangs above the Dutch colonial mahogany and ebony storage chest. A beautiful example how of Indian ancient art can be combined with western-influenced antique furniture that was made during India’s colonial past. The British colonial library chairs placed next to the chest complete the picture.

Her advice for successful pairing? It all comes down to selecting quality pieces and considering scale and proportion when you decorate’, she says. ‘The Tanjore Painting 
is one of my favorite Art of India. I love the rich gold foil, semi-precious stones decorated paintings of mostly Gods and Goddesses. It is one of the ancient forms of painting from South India. The chest, I like it for its impressive brass work, tropical hardwoods and its overall appearance’. The collection of Burmese lacquerware grouped on the chest create an impact and add further character. All in all, a beautifully styled Dutch colonial chest.

Proportion, color and attention to detail are just very right in this absolute stunning composition.

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