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Dutch Colonial Furniture - Pieces of Art

This Singapore home is full of stunning Dutch Colonial Furniture. From the outside it looks like an ultra modern condominium, step inside however, and you are immediately transported into a décor full of beautiful colonial signature pieces that furnish the apartment and make it unique.

In the living room, you will find a beautiful Dutch colonial mahogany cupboard with great displays of carving and inlay with ebony and ivory as the focal point. While in a corner a British colonial rosewood chair and stool sit, with a throw and cushion adding colour and contrast.
Another gorgeous Dutch colonial mahogany cupboard, is placed in the guestroom. Just look how balance and harmony work in even the smallest room of the house!

The bedroom has a fantastic view over the ocean and features a stunning elaborately carved British colonial four poster bed and a British colonial secretaire chest of drawers from Gujarat, India. A striking green cowhide rug is a bold and surprising accent.

This is truly an apartment full of character and charm!

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