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This customer's home is stunning, full of inspirational ideas on decorating a shophouse. Amidst the skyscrapers and modern architecture of Singapore, the prettiest shophouses can be found.
In cute pastel colours or adorned with floral Peranakan tiles, they are a treat for the eyes and an antidote to the modern cityscape.

This American couple are second time expats to Singapore and on this occassion they wanted to live somewhere that reflected their admiration of older Singapore architecture. So, when they found their 1930s heritage shophouse, they jumped at the opportunity immediately, and they adore it.

This couple are enthusiastic collectors and have a wonderful mix of antique and new pieces, many of which they have found during their travels around the region. They have a passion for supporting local artisans who are continuing local artistic traditions. In the dining area their traditional Balinese paintings set off the rich dark wood of the colonial dining table perfectly, with their gold and orange tones.

One particularly striking piece is a carved large yellow and black Buddha statue which they found in a small shop in Ubud. It now sits on a mid-19th century British colonial rosewood writing desk in front of the window in the living room.

Their passion for colonial furniture stems from the love of good quality and the unparalleled craftsmanship that you rarely find today. Their recommendation is to focus on buying the pieces you truly love, and therefore you will never regret buying anything. Which is great advice!

One of their favourite finds is the Dutch Colonial cupboard which takes pride of place in the living room, a beautiful piece with multiple tones of wood. Dark ebony juxtaposes with the lighter mahogany creating a dramatic effect. A stunning centerpiece within the home.

Other favourites are the British colonial, late Regency, four-poster rosewood bed which features a curved headboard and tapered posts which a beautiful cylinder of spiral carving. And not forgetting the unique British colonial drop down desk which has several subtle parrots carved between small serpentine desk drawers and wonderfully carved lion-paw feet.

Their charming shophouse is a testament to their travels and tells the story of their lives so far. Full of great ideas on decorating a shophouse it is an eclectic mix of Balinese masks, decoy ducks from the US and colonial furniture. The result is a home that has an individual look and everything within has a meaning or a connection to an experience in their lives. A unique and inviting home from home.

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