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We are great admirers of renowned design company Elizabeth Hay Design and of course of Elizabeth Hay herself. Hailing from Devon in England, Elizabeth has a background in working for prestigious interior design companies such as Veere Grenney Associates in London. However, it was after a move to Singapore that she decided to start up her own interior decoration and design consultancy: Elizabeth Hay Design.


The Past Perfect Collection has been fortunate to have Elizabeth Hay as a customer for many years and we absolutely love her vibrant, layered style, attention to detail and her colourful approach to interior design. So, when she came to our store to buy a particularly attractive campaign chest of drawers, we couldn’t wait to see how she would incorporate this piece into her stylish black and white home.

Elizabeth Hay Design - Vibrant Style - Interior Styling with Antiques - The Past Perfect Collection

A campaign chest of drawers is perfect for a little boy's room - Elizabeth Hay Design


A few weeks later we caught up with Elizabeth to have a quick chat and find out just how she has used this campaign chest of drawers and were delighted to hear she had placed it in her baby son’s room, and used it to store his clothes and to place accessories on the top. She told us:

“I love campaign chests of drawers as they have so much character and add interest to a room.  I feel they are quite masculine so great for a boys bedroom or adults bedroom and in the main living areas of a house.  I don’t like to use babyish furniture as you eventually have to get rid of it. Whereas, we will have this chest of drawers forever and can use it anywhere in the house in the future.” 

We think this is a great idea! It is really refreshing to see antiques used in such a clever way and shows antiques are for everyone, young or old and are adaptable to fit into any room in a house as your children eventually grow up.


As Elizabeth is one of our favourite interior designers we just had to ask for a few tips. She said:

“More and more I believe in the importance of buying pieces that you will have forever. Buying cheap furniture that you will only keep for a few years to me is a waste of money, impractical and bad for our planet.  When buying furniture, or anything really for the home, always try to go for the best. Then you will have it forever and it will probably save you money in the long run.” 

We really couldn’t have said it any better!

Find out more about Elizabeth Hay and her gorgeous design projects at Elizabeth Hay Design.

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