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The events of 2020 dramatically changed our relationship with our homes, how we live within it and what we chose to buy for it. There has been a notable shift towards sustainability, good design and craftsmanship alongside a yearning for nostalgia and this has shaped our decisions when buying furniture. As a result, classic antique furniture was more popular than ever in 2020 and this is predicted to be a major furniture trend in 2021.

Furniture Trends 2021 - Back to the Classics - The Past Perfect Collection - Singapore

Home is where the heart is - and the office! Credit: Stadshem

Furniture Trends 2021 - Back to the Classics - Nostalgia - The Past Perfect Collection - Singapore

India Hicks’ English home exudes warmth and serenity.
Credit: Brittany Ambridge


We often hear about the unique character of antiques, they carry with them a history, a story, and a sense of nostalgia. It is this idea of nostalgia and a yearning of a simpler life that is predicted to be paramount throughout 2021.

Gemma Riberti, head of interiors at WGSN, the global trend forecasting company, emphasizes the the importance of nostalgia. “It has an incredibly reassuring power—in times of uncertainty, a well-known past is looked at with fondness and longing,” she explains. “This is impacting the rising appreciation of vintage and antiques as well—and the growing numbers of designers and retailers that are exploring these for a contemporary audience. Repurposing, revamping, and refreshing antique furniture and pieces otherwise discarded is motivated by both sustainability and nostalgia.”” she says.


Alongside this longing for comfort and nostalgia is the monumental movement towards sustainability. Environmental issues as well as a deep appreciation for quality craftsmanship and materials set antique furniture firmly in the spotlight.

Judith Miller, the renowned author and  expert on BBC antiques road show, agrees and  says “Buying solid mahogany furniture is more ethical than buying disposable MDF pieces. That solid plain mahogany early to mid-19th century chest of drawers will still be a practical storage piece in 200 years’ time.”


Quality and sustainability for future generations.
Credit: Beach


As people focus more on their homes, they are creating deeper relationships with the things they have around them. The rise in appreciation for classic antique furniture is expected to continue well into 2021 and beyond. Home is where the heart is and meaningful purchases which are sustainable, good quality and add comfort through nostalgia are going to be increasingly sought after.

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