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Our resident designer Chris Chan treats each project with great dedication - and to decorate an antique dining table is no exception! After days of preparation, he came to our showroom manned with a ruler to evenly space and line up the silver cutlery and set the perfect dining table for a professional photoshoot.


"I love the concept of an antique extending dining table as it is made in such a way that it can be increased in size by the insertion of one or more leaves in the centre section of the table” Chris says. "It gives me the opportunity to go crazy and lay out the table for ten people or even more!".


Rather than fussing with a tablecloth, Chris uses place mats as a base for the dinnerware. “When I get the chance to decorate a gorgeous antique dining table, I prefer not to cover the beautiful wood the table is made of but to show its full potential. I very much like the double moulded edge on the table top and the well proportioned statement legs! These make the table a unique addition to any dining room”.

Rosabagh is a collection of fine bone china tableware from India's leading design house Good Earth with leitmotifs inspired by a vintage Persian miniature, and the enchanting garden life of the Mughals.


“It is about bringing beauty to the table” says Chris. “I am always inspired by Good Earth’ designs of stunning dinnerware. They have lovely collections and Rosabagh is one of my favorites. It is a truly gorgeous set that captures intricate outdoor pavilions, birds and butterflies in an oasis of verdant blossoms, illustrating a paradise garden with accents of 24 carat gold. Add the right color napkins, silver cutlery and crystal wine glasses on nickel plated coasters and you have a beautiful setting!”

How to decorate an Antique Dining Table - Rosabagh Dinnerware - The Past Perfect Collection - Singapore

Chris favors flowers for the table, like these hydrangeas. He spotted the perfect colors to match the Rosabagh dinnerware.


Chris likes to work with flowers and created an elegant centre piece with hydrangeas. “The bloom colors are what really make the hydrangea stand out“ he says “ I have chosen a mixed palette of pale and dark purplish pink and bright blue for a happy summer look”.
To finish, he scatters the table with glass containers filled with quality fat candles that have a long-lasting burn time. After all; nothing is as enjoyable as having a candle-lit dinner with close friends that continues the whole evening!

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Photography: Within Images...Ken Tan

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