Roll top desk- It’s a man’s world

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Roll top desk- It’s a man’s world

It is one of the loveliest study rooms you ever saw….with a high ceiling, one face filled with a spacious window……perched on the top of an elevation in a three-story condominium.

Focal point of the room is the British colonial roll top desk that the home owner likes to use to work. It is a classic piece of furniture with sturdy good looks and ample workspace that made him fell in love with it.

The compartments and shelves are not only stuffed with office supplies but also with curios and mementos he collected from his travels in different countries - A great composition!

The love for antique boxes and maps is quite apparent – arranged throughout this room and on other spots in the house.

‘Larger’ boxes or chests are placed in the bedroom at the end of the bed and in the living room behind the sofa. They look fantastic and add a remarkable accent to modern interior decorating.     



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