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With maximalism, more really is more! A reaction to the long-standing minimalist trend, maximalism could not be more different. Think colourful walls, luxury cushions piled high, decadent fabrics, characterful furniture, lots of pictures and artifacts and you begin to understand what the maximalist interior style is all about. It embraces excess but everything is carefully considered, it is a curation of layers producing colourful comfort and curiosity.

Maximalism Interior Style - Bold and Beautiful - Tony Duquette - The Past Perfect Collection - Singapore

Glamour galore at Tony Duquette’s Dawnridge residence

Maximalism Interior Style - Bold and Beautiful - Tony Duquette- The Past Perfect Collection - Singapore


Tony Duquette is often attributed to starting the maximalist movement and his residence “Dawnridge” is often referred to as the ‘ground zero’, of the modern maximalist interior style.

Duquette was best known for his set decorating work in films during Hollywood's golden era and later turned his talents to residential interior design. Coming from a theatrical background, his style was unsurprisingly dramatic with an over-the-top approach to luxury design.

Tony Duquette's theatrical style


Duquette’s distinctive style has made a lasting impression on many interior designers today such as Martyn Lawrence Bullard. With a signature style of ‘exotica’ Bullard embraces luxury and colour and has designed the homes for celebrities such as Cher and Tommy Hilfiger. His lavish designs are multi-layered with exquisite objet d’art as can be seen in his redesign of The Prospect Hotel in Los Angeles.

Maximalism Interior Style - Bold and Beautiful -ML Bullard - The Past Perfect Collection - Singapore

Old Hollywood glamour at The Prospect Hollywood hotel, Los Angeles, designed by Martyn Lawrence Bullard

Maximalism Interior Style - Bold and Beautiful -Martin Brudnizki - The Past Perfect Collection - Singapore

Martin Brudnizki’s ‘very maximalist’ interior of Annabel’s London

The influence of Duquette can also be seen in Martin Brudnizki ‘s redesign of Annabel’s private members club in London. Brudnizki describes Annabel’s as ‘very maximalist’ and features an over the top fantastical interior.

Maximalist Interior Style - Bold and Beautiful - Alex Papachristides- The Past Perfect Collection - Singapore

Alex Papachristidis - Antique furniture with contemporary art and modern touches


As with the set decorating Tony Duquette was famous for, maximalist interior design sets a scene, telling the unique story of the person living there. Personal items such as heirlooms and prized possessions are integral elements as are carefully selected artifacts and objet d’art. Furniture with character such as antiques add another dimension to the space making it unique. Alex Papachristidis, a renowned interior designer has embraced the maximalist interior style in his own home. Mixing antique furniture with contemporary art and modern touches. ‘Blending elements of different time periods gives an interior a feeling of being collected and mixing different pieces in unique ways is highly stylish’ he says.

Maximalist Interior Style - Bold and Beautiful - Emma J Shipley

Emma J. Shipley - Magical maximalist charm, luxury fabrics, rich colours and patterns


Opulent textiles feature heavily in maximalism with layers upon layers of different patterns on wallpaper, rugs, cushions and throws, much like the ornate nature of English stately homes.
The artist and fabric designer, Emma J Shipley takes her inspiration from the patterns and bold colours of nature along with fantastical mythical beasts and a hint of the unexpected. Her beautiful and unconventional hand drawn designs are printed onto luxury fabrics and truly embrace the maximalist ethos.


Maximalism is all about expressing your own personal style and filling your home with character and personality. It encourages bold colours, decadent textures and patterns; elaborate collections and a penchant for traditional or antique furniture styles. Glamour and luxury are making a comeback and here at The Past Perfect Collection we just love it!

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