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Anglo-Indian Ebony pen Box with Inlay

Mid 19th century

This beautiful antique, British colonial pen box was hand fashioned of rare ebony, with a hinged, dome shaped lid. The whole body displays shallow, incised patterns, decoratively enhanced by intricate, floral, ivory inlay. The interior is fitted with five compartments for pens and other odds and ends.This special box will most certainly be a centerpiece in a den or office, but perhaps find a unique use in the home.

Catering to the tastes of Europeans traveling on the route between Calcutta and Delhi, the remarkable artisans of Monghyr (Munger) created small furniture pieces of rare ebony, intricately inlaid with ivory tracery; the finest of artistry.

This pen box has been sold. Please keep checking our website as we may add a similar piece.


British colonial India
H: 5 cm W: 30 cm D: 8 ½ cm H: 2” W: 12” D: 3 ½"
H: 2” W: 12” D: 3 ½"


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