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British Colonial Teakwood Desk

Mid 19th century

An elegant British colonial pedestal desk in teakwood with a new inset black leather surface within an overhanging top panel.
The top features an inverted centre section that is flanked by two pedestals. Each pedestal has three graduated drawers, all drawers flush fitting with the original brass handles. Both sides of the pedestals with paneling.
The desk stands on eight well turned tapering legs connected by stretchers.

During our travels through India we sometimes come across antique pieces of furniture with the makers label on it: varying from a simple paper label or a small brass plate to a label imprinted into the wood. As labeling didn’t happen on every piece of furniture, such a find does not happen too often. Usually these labeled pieces are of the highest quality and show remarkable craftsmanship. This desk has a label imprinted of the famous carpenter “C. Lazarus & Co Manufacturers Calcutta”.

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This desk has been sold. Please keep checking our website as we may add a similar piece.


British colonial India
H: 76 cm W: 150 cm D: 90 cm
H: 30 ” W: 59 ” D: 35½”


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