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Dutch Colonial Satinwood & Ebony Cupboard

Late 19th century

A beautiful Dutch colonial cupboard in satinwood with a deep flaring cornice with an ebony moulded edge above a short ebony frieze. The double doors are constructed with fielded panels mounted at centre with a design in ebony, surrounded by ebony lining and a moulded ebony edge with ebony fleur-de-lis in the four corners. The doors, which are flanked by ebony pilasters, open to an interior with two shelves. The lower section of the cabinet has a moulded ebony edge and two drawers in the frieze with ebony pulls. The scalloped apron is decorated with ebony foliage. The legs are in a traditional Dutch style with a bulbous top, tapering, with a ring and ending in a peg foot.

The cupboard is in excellent condition and has been lovingly restored and finished to its former glory using a traditional form of French polishing and waxing.

Satinwood is a highly figured, close-grained, hard, durable wood native to India and Ceylon. It is light yellow to golden brown in color with a lustrous satin-like quality and has an excellent finish. Ebony is a black wood of very close grain and heavy in weight. It is used for inlaid decoration and especially for the dark tines in stringing.

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This cupboard has been sold. Please keep checking our website as we may add a similar piece.


Coromandel coast
Dutch colonial India
H: 202 cm W: 124 cm D: 54 cm
H: 79 ½” W: 49” D: 21”

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