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Lovers of antique furniture, have long embraced the idea of sustainable antiques. It is part of the attraction. Similarly, there is an appreciation of craftsmanship, a connection to the past and indeed an investment. All of which are great reasons to buy antiques.

What’s more, antiques are finding a new audience. Younger generations, and those with increased climate concerns and environmental consciousness are turning to antique furniture.

So what are the best reasons to buy antique furniture?

Sustainable Antiques and Reasons to Buy - Green Living Room with Antiques by Redd Kaihoi - The Past Perfect Collection Singapore

Green living room with antiques by Redd Kaihoi -


WGSN the global authority on change and trend-forecasting predicts firstly, that “Sustainable interiors will be an imperative” by 2030. Secondly, they state “Zero-kilometre materials: the use of local materials will become more commonplace”.

Antiques are the opposite of fast-furniture. They have already been made. Therefore, there is a reduction in the environmental impact of furniture production. So, by purchasing antique furniture, you are giving new life to something that may have otherwise ended up in a landfill. Therefore, reducing the demand for new furniture produced.


The fact that antiques are sustainable furniture is a great reason to buy antiques but this furniture has a lot more to offer. For example, antique furniture is well-made. It is often crafted by skilled artisans who take great pride in their work and pay close attention to detail.

Take for example this Portuguese colonial centre table showcasing fine, detailed handwork.

A Portuguese colonial centre table made of rosewood
©The Past Perfect Collection

Another piece of superior quality is the antique secretaire chest of drawers shown below. It has been crafted in Southern India from local materials. Constructed from wide single planks of camphor wood, it features exquisite hand carved ebony pillars. In addition, it has solid brass lift handles on the sides. This high level of quality is difficult to find today.

A British colonial secretaire chest of drawers made of camphor & ebony ©The Past Perfect Collection



Antiques tell a story. They teach us about the past as they witnessed what happened long ago. They carry the weight of bygone conversations, obsolete customs and etiquette. It is fascinating how they are a reminder of extravagances and hardships of another era.

This antique writing box hails from a time when officials were obligated to send regular written communication regarding trade and other matters. These documents had to be copied three or four times, so writing boxes like these became indispensable.


Antiques add personality, originality and uniqueness to a home. The antithesis of mass-produced furniture, antiques are sustainable furniture and have character. They offer a trend proof decorative impact. Home decor magazines promote and illustrate a creative mix of antiques, vintage and new pieces. The playful balance between old and new adds interest to a home as well as personality. This customer’s home clearly shows how antiques can add character to a living space.

A customer’s home showing how antiques can add character to a living space


At The Past Perfect Collection, we advise buying an antique you love at the best quality and condition you can afford. Antique furniture is a great long term investment that you can admire and enjoy in the meantime. Good pieces will retain or increase in value due to their quality, beauty and rarity.

They can be treasured heirlooms, handed down from one generation another to be enjoyed and appreciated.

The Past Perfect Collection proud to support The Canopy Project


Antiques are green, in fact they are arguably the most sustainable furniture of all. Sustainability and environmental awareness are more important than ever with EARTDAY.ORG highlighting our need to protect the Earth. This year, we are all encouraged to “Invest in Our Planet” and take action against the climate crisis.

We particularly support the Canopy Project Sundarbans. This is an initiative which focuses on planting productive tree species that can provide healthy and valuable food resources for local communities, ensuring high tree-survival rates.

You can support The Canopy Project by donating and each dollar you donate supports the planting of one tree.

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