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One easy way to get individuality and character into your interior is to invest in a few antique pieces. They will certainly give your home the ‘wow’ factor and we can guarantee that no one else will have the exact same piece. Here we show you the 5 antiques that every stylish interior should have.

Beautiful oversized mirrors. Credit: Lonny and The Classy Home


Nothing says glamour more than an oversized antique mirror resting up against a wall in a bedroom or entryway. Simple and elegant, it can really add that dramatic edge to your space. Or consider placing a mirror on your favourite antique chest of drawers to create a focal point in your room and brighten up your interior.

The 5 Antique Pieces Every Stylish Interior Should Have l Tallboy l The Past Perfect Collection l Singapore




A chest of drawers is such a versatile piece of furniture. Extremely useful, it can be used in any room and will provide ample storage. Our tip is to use a tallboy in the bathroom: a tall boy being a chest of drawers elevated on long legs, resulting in an elegant silhouette .
A striking and unexpected addition, it is perfect for storing your towels and toiletries away, in the most stylish manner.

An antique tall boy adds warmth and storage to a bathroom. 





There is something very elegant about an antique chair. Even the simplest of designs show the high level of craftsmanship involved in making it and they exude sophistication. Place it in a bedroom, use it as a dressing room chair or stand it in a hallway, it’s up to you. If you upholster the chair with some colourful or patterned fabric and you can take it to an even higher level of chic.

Cabriolet Louis XV chair re-upholstered in a blue velvet
Credit: Atelier L’Art de Rien

The 5 Antique Pieces Every Stylish Interior Should Have l Statement Chair l The Past Perfect Collection l Singapore
5 Antiques Every Stylish Interior Should Have - The Past Perfect Collection





If you are thinking of only adding one antique piece to your home, make it a dining table. The quality is second to none and it will last you and your family for generations. Think of family celebrations and Christmas Dinners, served up on a future heirloom. One great idea is to match your antique table with modern chairs for an interesting and fun look.


Antique table with modern chairs 





An antique occasional table will serve you well in a number of rooms throughout your home. It would look especially good in a hallway as a place to display flowers or you could create an attractive vignette using some interesting objects d’art.

Gorgeous occasional table vignette 
Credit: Shelly Johnstone Design

5 Antiques Every Stylish Interior Should Have - The Past Perfect Collection

With a little bit of creativity and by picking items you truly love, you can bring antiques into any interior style. They will last a lifetime and will give your home an individual style.

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