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Hoping to nail the blast-from-the-past aesthetic at home? Look no further. Check TimeOut’s Guide to the best Antique and Vintage Furniture Shops in Singapore!

30 March 2021 - TimeOut

'If you spend your days watching Antiques Roadshow or trying to find the perfect china tea set or rosewood cabinet to impress the guests, then there is nothing better than checking out all the antique and vintage furniture shops in Singapore. It seems like many are big fans of the old-school aesthetic as we have quite a handful of stores filled to the brim with vintage furniture and knick-knacks. Set aside a day to shop-hop these cool stores so you can nail the blast-from-the-past look right at home.'

We are excited to be included in the list of cool furniture stores in Singapore to nail the blast from the past look!

Here is what they say about our Antique Store:

'Tan Boon Liat Building is a treasure trove for beautiful furniture, antiques and artworks. Head to level 11 for The Past Perfect Collection, which has antique furniture spanning the British, Dutch and Portuguese era in India. The pieces are sourced and handpicked from India – and were once part of the stately colonial mansions'

So, next time when you wonder where to buy antique Furniture in Singapore, visit us at Tan Boon Liat Building 11th floor -315 Outram Road!

Read the full article on TimeOut.

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