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Accent furniture goes beyond functionality and adds a visual highlight to any room. Here we look at five simple ways to add accent antique furniture to your home.

A Touch of Drama - 5 Ways to use Accent Furniture l Antique Spool Chair l The Past Perfect Collection l Singapore

A great way to add some drama and excitement to your home’s interior is with some interesting accent pieces. These pieces go beyond functionality, are mainly decorative and add a visual highlight in a room. They can be dramatic, unexpected, a conversation piece, a pop of colour, modern or antique the choice really is yours.

Here we look at five ways you can use accent pieces in your interior and remember to have fun and chose what you like. Once you are done with buying the essentials it’s time to get creative and add some flair with accent pieces.

Photo credit: Chris Patey                                                                   Victorian armchair upholstered with animal print


Accent chairs are a great way to add a bit of character to your interior. Consider upholstered chairs in an unexpected bold colour or striking pattern or texture will add a focal point to a room and inject a bit of character. In an otherwise neutral space this really can add a focal point to your room and introduce character. When choosing a chair look for an interesting style and shape. Often opposites attract so an antique chair upholstered in a striking or appealing fabric will work well in a modern space or vice versa. And a bright colour or dynamic pattern in an otherwise neutral space will be an unexpected focal point.
If you're feeling especially brave, go a step further by introducing a patterned or colourful couch or daybed.

Image credit: Ananbo Wallpaper                                                       Gorgeous inlay work on Portuguese colonial table


Adding small tables are another great way to add accent pieces to your home. Such tables come in many different and interesting forms such as butler’s tables, card tables, chess tables, piecrust tables and tea tables. They can be used in any room from living rooms to bedrooms and are extremely useful too. Try to find tables made of unusual materials such as tropical hardwood or which are highly decorative with carving or inlay.

Choose something attention grabbing and you have a conversational piece to intrigue your guests.

Photo credit: Olivia Bonnal-Sansoni                                                    British Colonial Camphor chest with brass mounts


A great place to use an accent piece is in the hallway or entry way. It is the first area visitors will see so will have great impact and will set the tone for the rest of your home. Often a neglected part of the home this area it is a perfect place for accent pieces.

Travel chests work very well as accent pieces as they are interesting pieces in themselves, they can be of various sizes and designs and will create storage space as well as drama. Modern or antique, they look great stacked on top of each other as shown in this beautiful house in Sri Lanka.

Photo credit : Christopher Shane I Design Darryl Carter           British colonial camphor secretaire chest of drawers


Accent pieces can introduce an element of surprise by being used in unexpected places. For example, a beautiful antique secretaire chest of drawers can create an unusual and interesting focal point in a bathroom. The warmth of the wood contrasting with the cool white surroundings of the bathroom makes it standout. One may ask “Why would you have a desk in a bathroom?” Well, why not?

This is indeed a bold way to use an accent piece, but we think it works very well. You can really be as adventurous as you dare.

Photo credit Gordon Beall l Design by Darryl Carter             Elaborate carving illustrating high-quality craftsmanship


Buy something that will last a lifetime and beyond. Look for quality, craftsmanship, materials and design. Iconic modern furniture such as a Mies van der Rohe Barcelona chair or Eames lounge chair are worthy investments and will elevate the style credentials of your interior.

If your style is more traditional, then antique furniture will add uniqueness and individuality to your home. The high quality of the materials used, the craftsmanship and attention to detail brings this furniture into a class of its own.

Any home decor can be complemented by the use of accent pieces and with a little planning it can elevate your interior style home and give your home the wow factor.

At The Past Perfect Collection we have a wonderful selection of antique furniture with star quality, perfect as an accent piece or to add to your existing antiques collection.

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