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Asian Continent – Copper engraving

J.B. Poirson & P. Jean – 1818

Carte d’Asie divisée en ses principaux États Dressée pour l’instruction et sur les dernières observations Astronomiques

Striking and highly detailed, dated 1818 Jean-Baptiste Poirson’s copper engraved map depicting the Asian Continent. Delineates also the Northern coast of Australia and Alaska (United States). The map is filled with excellent topographic details of cities, rivers, lakes, reliefs and islands. A simple title, nine mileage scales and a key cartouche complete the map.

About the Cartographer
Jean-Baptiste Poirson (1761–1831) was a French engineer, geographer and cartographer born in Vrécourt, France. After completing his studies in mathematics, Poirson became a collaborator of the map publisher Edme Mentelle (1730 – 1815). From about 1790, maps begin appearing under the Poirson imprint. Having attained some recognition for correcting the work of earlier geographers, Poirson was part of a team that collaborated on a large terrestrial globe for the education of the Dauphin of Louis XVI. After 1803, he produced an updated globe, this time for Napoleon Boneparte (this globe is preserved at Fontainebleau). Among his more significant works are the maps associated with the French edition of Alexander von Humboldt’s Atlas Geographique Et Physique Du Royaume De La Nouvelle-Espagne. He also worked with Conrad Malte-Brun (1775 – 1826) and François-Raymond-Joseph de Pons (1751 – 1812).

Pierre Jean (1754 – 1829) was a French publisher, engraver and map maker active in Paris in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. Jean entered the engraving and printing business on June 7 of 1784 when he married the daughter of Louis-Joseph Mondhare, a prominent French engraver, print seller and map publisher. Mondhare changed the name of his firm to Mondhare & Jean. Under Mondhare, for about 12 years, Jean mastered the in-and-outs of the engraving and map publishing business. Mondhare retired in 1796, leaving Jean his business and printing plates. Jean subsequently continued to publish on his own account, as Chez Jean, from the old Mondhare & Jean offices at 32 Rue Saint-Jean de Beauvais.

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The map is professionally framed using high quality and acid free materials
H: 51 cm W: 69 cm image size ( 72 x 91 cm framed size)
H: 20 W: 27“ image size ( 28“ 36“ framed size)


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