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Pair of British Colonial Rosewood Planter’s Chairs

Late 19th century

A pair of British colonial rosewood planter’s chairs. The inclined back and seat are
caned in one continues section in a pattern typical of the colonial period. Each arm is
composed of a flat plank with a rounded end joined to the arm support. Below this arm is anearly identical plank that rotates out into a footrest. When not in use these planks are stored beneath the arms.

Early representations of the planter’s chair suggest that initially planter’s chairs were used exclusively in the male-dominated environments of the camp and plantation by the late nineteenth century however, planter’s chairs were firmly established as a prerequisite of every Anglo-Indian house, principally for use on the veranda.

These chairs have been sold. Please keep checking our website as we may add a similar pair.


British colonial India
H:90 cm W: 67 cm D: 114 cm
H: 35½ " W: 26½ " D: 45"


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