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Dutch Colonial Mahogany Brass Bound Chest

Mid 19th century

SGD 9,750

A stunning and unique antique Dutch colonial storage chest, on all sides made of single planks of nicely grained mahogany. The overlapping top with an ebony border. The chest is strengthened and simultaneously ornamented by beautiful brass mounts on the sides, front, back, corners and bottom. The sides have cast bail lift handles against a solid brass back plate, the front with an nice brass escutcheon.
Inside, just one large storage space and two beautiful brass hinges secure the lid to the back.

People owned a number of chests. The many moves from post to post undertaken by the trading companies officials in the course of their careers made the chest an indispensable item of furniture in every household. They were mainly used for storage, but due to their striking appearance also served as a display of wealth by the owner.

The chest is in good condition and has been lovingly restored and finished to its former glory using a traditional form of French polishing and waxing. The mahogany has a rich warm shade with a striking grain.

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South India
Dutch colonial India
H: 82 cm W: 182 cm D: 80 cm
H: 32“ W: 71 ½“ D: 31 ½ “


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