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Indochina – Isaak Tirion – ca. 1736

Copper Engraving

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Antique Map Indochina

Nuova Carta dell’India di là del Fiume Ganges overo di Malacca Siam Cambodia Chiampa Kochinchina Laos Pegu Ava &c. fatta in Amsterdam per Isac Tirion.

Detailed and fine copper engraved map of Indochina and a part of East Indies. The map includes Pegu (Myanmar), Kochinchina (Vietnam), Siam (Thailand), Laos, Cambodia, and surrounding countries.  Covers also all of the Malaysian Peninsula with parts of North Sumatra and a part of Borneo. Provides excellent topographic details on cities, towns, rivers, lakes and reliefs. A square title cartouche in the left bottom corner, a compass rose and a scale of German, English and French distance measurements in the upper right corner, adorn the map.

About the cartographer
Isaak Tirion (1705-1765) was an 18th century publisher from The Netherlands who produced extensive volumes of Dutch town plans as well as a number of atlases with maps usually based on those of Guillaume de L’Isle, a French cartographer. In his long career, he produced eight atlases in multiple editions, some of which were published posthumously until about 1784.


The map is professionally framed using high quality and acid free materials
H: 29 cm W: 36 cm (46x 53 cm framed size)
H: 11 ½” W: 14” (18 x 21” framed size)


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