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Asia – Copper engraving

Guillaume Sanson -1694

A beautiful map of ancient Asia (Asia Vetus) by French cartographer Guillaume Sanson covering the Arabian Peninsula, India, Russia, Indonesia, Borneo, the Philippines, Taiwan, China , Japan, and Korea. This interesting map is an updated version of the elder Sanson’s map of ancient Asia. The map illustrates the known geography but employs ancient place names only in the regions prior to the Great Discoveries. Korea is a long thin peninsular based on the Mercator-Hondius model and Japan is mis-shapen. In this map the outline of Hokkaido is more accurate, but the island is still attached to the mainland of Asia. A small coastline of North America is labeled Atlantis Insula.   An important revision on this map is the orientation of the Caspian Sea on a more correct north-south axis. The map is engraved by F. Bertin

About the cartographer

Guillaume Sanson (1633 – 1703) was a French cartographer and geographer at the court of the king of France. He is the son of famous cartographer Nicholas Sanson. After his father’s death (1667) he carried on his cartographic work together with his brother Adrien Sanson

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The map is professionally framed using high quality and acid free materials

H: 40 cm W: 55 ½ (62 x 76 cm framed size)
H: 16” W: 22” (24 ½ x 30” framed size)


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