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Australia – Steel Engraving – SOLD

Brué – 1826 - 1834

Carte de L’Australie (partie Sud -Ouest de L’Oceanie)
An early 19th century map of Australia with an inset map of New South Wales and the Auckland Islands. The map was published in 1826 by Adrien Brué and revised in 1834 by Charles Picquet.

Brué had a special relationship with Australia. He was involved in Baudin’s expedition between 1801 and 1803 which charted the Australian coastline. The discoveries from the expedition would eventually be used to print the first ‘complete’ map of Australia in 1811.

About the cartographer
Adrien Hubert Brué
(1786-1832) Adrien Hubert Brue (1786-1832) was an important French geographer and publisher at the ‘rue des Macons-Sorbonne’. He held the titles of ‘Geographe du roy’ and also ‘Geographe de son Altesse royale Monsieur le comte d’Artois’.

Charles Picquet (1771-1827) was geographer to the King and the Duc d’Orleans. Picquet worked from a number of Parisian addresses throughout his career and was also the distributor of maps for the Depot de la Guerre as well as the seller of a number of other maps and atlases published abroad.


The map is professionally framed using high quality and acid free materials.
H: 36 ½ cm W: 51 ½ cm
H: 14” W: 20”


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