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Inspired by the Colonial Furniture in Raffles Hotel Singapore? Find it here at The Past Perfect Collection. It will come as no surprise that we are huge fans of Raffles Hotel in Singapore. With its beautiful architecture and of course its beautiful colonial furniture! So, to be involved in the prestigious refurbishment of this historic icon was a great honour.

Proud Associate of Raffles Hotel Singapore - The Past Perfect Collection

Raffles Hotel - A colonial style luxury hotel in Singapore established in 1887.
The hotel was named after British Statesman Sir Thomas Raffles, the founder of Singapore.

In October 2018 we were approached by Champalimaud, a world class design company, responsible for designing the interiors of some of the most luxurious hotels, like the Waldorf Astoria in New York, The Dorchester Hotel in London and of course Raffles Hotel in Singapore.

At the same time, Creatively Active Minds, an Australian company who were the creative consultants of the new Raffles Boutique visited our store.

They required authentic, genuine colonial pieces of furniture for the Raffles Boutique so of course they came straight to us!

We worked closely with both companies and selected several special pieces which would take pride of place within the boutique and the hotel itself.

Proud Associate of Raffles Hotel - Raffles Boutique l The Past Perfect Collection l Singapore

A lot of our furniture can be seen in the Raffles Boutique at Raffles Hotel Singapore.


The new Raffles Boutique features a brand-new retail concept and is set amidst a heritage gallery that showcases the illustrious heritage of Raffles Hotel Singapore.

No doubt you have heard the great story about the tiger, which was the last tiger in Singapore, as it took cover under the elevated Bar and Billiard room at the Raffles Hotel.

Well the tiger is back! And he is in the Boutique, proudly standing upon one of our marble topped tables!

Within the Boutique you can find many pieces which have come from the Past Perfect Collection including several marble top tables, a games table, a cylinder desk, nests of tables,  a writing table and lots of tiffin boxes!

Tiffin boxes on display in the Tiffin Room Restaurant


The Tiffin room has been a part of Raffles’ history since 1892, serving up North Indian food in tiffin boxes.

The Past Perfect Collection sourced and supplied numerous authentic tiffin boxes to be used in a dazzling display around the restaurant.

Traditionally these tiffin boxes are round, with three or four stacking stainless steel compartments firmly sealed with a tight-fitting lid and a side clip to hold everything in place. They come in various sizes and have a handle on top.

Read more about Tiffin Boxes in our blog Dabbawala - The Tiffin Man


The Writer’s Bar is steeped in history. Great writers such as Somerset Maugham and Rudyard Kipling have stayed at the hotel and the Writer’s Bar is an homage to them.

Many collectibles from The Past Perfect Collection can be seen on display within the striking display shelves such as  an original Remington typewriter, magnifying glasses, an antique map of Singapore, black and gold clay pots and marble ornaments.


If you have been inspired by the Raffles Hotel style and would like to add some colonial furniture to your home, then visit us here at The Past Perfect Collection.

We have some very special pieces similar to the furniture at Raffles Hotel, which come from the colonial era, each one unique and lovingly restored to its former glory.

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