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Brass Tiffin Boxes


A collection of vintage brass ‘Tiffin Boxes’ or Lunch Carriers.

A Tiffin Box has an assembly of two to five round containers that are held by a brass strap frame resembling an inverted U-shape that has a bend at the top. There is a spoon that holds the containers and the frame together and the top part is used as a handle to carry the Tiffin Box. Another design is with a carry handle at the top of the strap frame and another handle that moves down to seal the assembly tight.

Each Tiffin Box bears individual marks of use and history. They are used to carry lunch from home to work. But they also appeal to collectors and are perfect as decoration for your home.

Find out more about ‘Dabbawala- The Tiffin Man’


Available in different sizes and designs, they can be purchased in our store at Tan Boon Liat Building 11th floor, Singapore.
Prices vary from SGD 50-250


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