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Asia – Paolo Santini – 1748

Copper Engraving

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L’Asie divisée en ses principeaux Etats assujettie aux observations Astronomiq. Par le sr. Janvier geographe A Venise Par François Francois Santini rue S.te Justine près la ditte Eglise Chez Mr Remondini.

Antique map of Asia by Paolo Santini. It is the 1784 copper engraved edition of Jean Janvier’s c.1778 map of Asia.
It covers from Africa and the Mediterranean east to Bering Strait and south as far as Java and New Guinea. This map is most interesting in its rendering of the largely unexplored extreme northwest of Asia. Yeco or Hokkaido is mapped only speculatively with its western borders unknown. Shows Sakhalin Island in an embryonic state.
A decorative title cartouche displaying the riches of the continent, appears in the lower left hand quadrant. This antique map of Asia was redrawn by Paolo Santini from an earlier map by Jean Janvier and was published in the 1784 issue of his ‘Atlas Universel Dressée sur les Meilleures Cartes Modernes’.

About the cartographer
Francesco and Paolo Santini (c.1729-1793)
Francois [Francesco] Santini (1776 – 1784) was an Italian cartographer and map publisher based in Venice. Francois Santini is often confused with Paolo Santini, a Venetian engraver also known for religious prints and cartographic work. Scholarship is unclear whether these are related individuals, the same person, or completely unrelated. Both cartographers were active in roughly the same period and reissued maps of earlier French cartographers ranging from Vaugondy, to Jaillot, to Delisle, to D’Anville. Both cartographers also worked with the Venetian Remondini publishing house. Paolo was possibly an Abbot. Francois Santini seems to have worked extensively in Paris and is associated with several French cartographers of the late 18th century including Rigobert Bonne. His offices in Paris were located at Rue St. Justine pres de L’Eglise. In the 1780s Francois Santini published an atlas, the Remondini Atlas Universel, in conjunction with the Remondini family of Venice. The Library of Congress associates this work with Paolo Santini – leading to still more confusion.


The map is professionally framed using high quality and acid free materials
H: 48 cm W: 60 cm (66x 85 cm framed size)
H: 19” W: 26” (26” x 33 ½” framed size)


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