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South East Asia – Copper Engraving

Vaugondy/Lamarche – 1804

Les Isles de la Sonde, Moluques, Philippines, Carolines et Mariannes Par Robert de Vaugondy Corrigé par Lamarche son successeur

Beautifully hand coloured map of the major islands of the East Indies, including Sumatra, Borneo, Java, Celebes (Sulawesi), the Moluccan Islands and part of New Guinea.
To the north west is part of Thailand and the Malay Peninsula and to the north east is The Philippines.

This Copper engraving appeared in; “Nouvel Atlas Portatif destiné principalement pour l’Instruction de la Jeunesse & precedé d’un Discours sur l’Utede de la Geographie”.

About the cartographer
Charles Francois Delamarche (1740-1817) founded the important and prolific Paris based Maison Delamarche map publishing firm in the late 18th century. A lawyer by trade Delamarche entered the map business with the acquisition from Jean-Baptiste Fortin of Robert de Vaugondy’s map plates and copyrights. Where Vaugondy could not make ends meet as a geographer, Delamarche prospered as a map publisher, acquiring most of the work of earlier generation cartographers Lattre, Bonne, Desnos, and Janvier, thus expanding significantly upon the Vaugondy stock. Charles Delamarche eventually passed control of the firm to his son Felix Delamarche and geographer Charles Dien (1809-1870). It was later passed on to Alexandre Delamarche, who revised and reissued several Delamarche publications in the mid-19th century. The firm continued to publish maps and globes until the middle part of the 19th century.

This Antique Map has been sold. Please keep checking our website as we may add a similar map.


The map is professionally framed using high quality and acid free materials.
H: 24 cm W: 26 cm
H: 9 ½” W: 10”


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