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Special antique pieces make a statement! Imagine owning an exceptional antique, something rare and beautiful that makes a real statement in your home. Although we consider all our pieces to be special, we think some are even more special than others! Along with rarity this can be due to the high-quality materials used, the craftsmanship, a special design, uniqueness, or a distinguished provenance.

High Quality Materials – Dutch Colonial Satinwood & Ebony Chest


This Dutch Colonial chest would add the wow factor to any interior. It is a very special antique piece due to the high-quality material used. Firstly, it is made from satinwood and ebony, two prized hardwoods. Satinwood is extremely rare and has such a wonderful smell. It has a beautiful light yellow, golden brown colour and a lustrous satin-like finish. Ebony, another rare wood is very dark in colour and is considered the aristocrat of hardwoods.
Take a look at the exceptional brass work, an elaborate pierced brass escutcheon has its original lock and large key and boasts bold brass studs.

Carved filigree crest rail and front apron of a British Colonial Walnut Sofa

Carved Headboard of a British Colonial Four Poster Bed


Beautifully carved pieces clearly show off the magnificent skill and technical ability of the artisan. Richly decorated pieces with exotic carving and distinctly Indian touches, patterns and motifs are stunning to behold. Imagine owning something as gorgeous as this four-poster bed. Profusely relief carved with stylized foliage throughout. Or this highly decorated British colonial carved cabinet from Gujarat. Both special antique pieces with exceptional detailed decorative work.



Antique British Colonial Carved Cabinet.

Delicate Inlay – British Colonial Ebony box with silver inlay

Fine Fretwork - Sandalwood box veneered with tortoiseshell and fret-work engraved ivory.


Special Antique pieces are often conversation starters, for example a beautifully made antique box. Indeed, some of the finest antique boxes are pieces of art showcasing fine, detailed hand work. The Indian craftsman lavished his imagination on the exterior as well as the interiors of the boxes, each one more intriguing than the other. A beautiful antique box with exceptional silver inlay is sure to spark a conversation. While ivory was a favourite decorative element, with works of exquisite artistry emerging from the hands of the craftsman.

Unique in Character - Antique British Colonial Occasional Table


Sometimes a special piece will be unique in character. Something unexpected or something no one has seen before. Take for example this antique British colonial occasional table. Featuring a semi-nude lady forming the support of the tabletop. She is seen kneeling on one knee on a low plinth and holding the rectangular tabletop above her head. A truly unique piece!


Special antique pieces really do make a statement and at The Past Perfect Collection we are lucky to have many exceptional antiques in our collection. Each one is unique and a testament to the skill of the craftsmen and artisans from past centuries.

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